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At BIG JON SPORTS, we under-stand deer! Anytime they can get food without working for it, they will. The irresistible aromas in our unique formulas attract them to DEER SMACK! They instinctively pursue the vitamins and nutrition they need. Once they get a taste of DEER SMACK, they will come back every time.

DEER SMACK is scientifically engineered as a food supplement / attractant that deer absolutely de-vour. They cannot resist the taste, texture and aroma. Nothing else on the market can compare!

Developed for wildlife management, our superior formula has everything deer need to reach their full genetic potential. Containing only the highest quality natural ingredients essential to balanced nutrition, our innovative mixture has been shown to help deer maintain a healthy immune system.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Select are.4:s near trails or water sources frequented by deer. Pour out the contents of the bag in a mound and watch the deer come right to you!

SITE MANAGEMENT: - Deer instinctively seek out the nutrition they need. When they find your site, they will visit repeatedly. We recommend applying DEER SMACK often to maintain the nutritional value of your site.

INGREDIENTS: Our proprietary high protein formula contains salt, natural minerals and flavors, and is 100% biodegradable.

Contains: NO heavy metals.


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