Anthony Woodcroft

Pro Staff
Keswick, Ontario, Canada

I started fishing over 30 years ago with my father. He taught me how to be an outdoorsman and shared his passion for fishing with me. I learned to love the art of the catch from my father and uncle on trips to North West Territories, Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec and in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. I began fishing for Panfish and Bass in Lake Simcoe and Kawartha Lakes, and in recent years evolved to chasing trophy Kings and Walleye in the Great Lakes.

In 2018 the passing of my father inspired me to create a brand in his memory called 'The Big One Cut Bait Co.' featuring Alewife Cut Bait and Glow Meat Technology. Through my continued passion for fishing and promoting quality brands, that I use and love, I am proud and excited to be a part of the Big Jon Pro Staff Team.

Why Big Jon?

I choose to run Big Jon on my boat because I know the products will last forever, they are compact and simple to use. Big Jon is the best in class for service and performance on the water. Their products help my program/spread stay organized while tournament or recreational fishing with friends and family.

Anthony Woodcroft's Gear

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America's favorite electric downrigger! After 30 years there are more original Big Jon Captain's Pak electric downriggers still in use than any other downrigger on the market. It will retrieve a 12 lb. cannonball at 120 ft. a minute.

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Big Jon Sports
Captain's Pak
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These Triple Multi-Set rod holders are mounted on a 36 inch mast with a heavy-duty aluminum base. The mast can be rotated 90 degrees to four locking positions or easily removed for storage.

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Big Jon Sports
Tree w/ 3 Rod Holders
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