Cory Yarmuth

Pro Staff
Villa Park, Illinois, USA

My name is Cory Yarmuth and I am an Outdoor Professional and communicator. I am an award winning author for several publications in print and online. I have had a fishing rod in my hand for over 40 years and am always learning something new every day. It is my goal to bring my experience and ideas to the public to allow me to teach others about the world of fishing and the outdoors. Legend Outdoors is my company that I have developed to share my love of the outdoors.

Why Big Jon?

Big Jon is a company for the fisherman by the fisherman. This company builds products that are not only designed for the angler, but they are built by anglers. The product is tough as nails and all the machining is all done in the USA by trained individuals. I have seen the facility firsthand and it is truly a family atmosphere where you are treated like an equal.

Big Jon is a respectable company that will bend over backwards to get the angler what they need to get out on the water. The innovation in the products as well as the attention to details are what sets them apart from other companies. They are always striving to make the product better and reduce the costs for the average consumer. The fit and finish of the product speaks for itself and having experienced people that machine, fit, and assemble the product make this a company I can count on. If there is any service concern this is taken very seriously, and the turnaround is second to none.

Cory Yarmuth's Gear

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America's favorite electric downrigger! After 30 years there are more original Big Jon Captain's Pak electric downriggers still in use than any other downrigger on the market. It will retrieve a 12 lb. cannonball at 120 ft. a minute.

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Big Jon Sports
Captain's Pak
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These Triple Multi-Set rod holders are mounted on a 36 inch mast with a heavy-duty aluminum base. The mast can be rotated 90 degrees to four locking positions or easily removed for storage.

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Big Jon Sports
Tree w/ 3 Rod Holders
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