Deer Smack Super Attractant - Acorn Flavor


Deer Smack Super Attractant - Acorn Flavor


Deer instinctively seek out the nutrition they need. When they find DEER SMACK at your hunting site, they will return repeatedly!

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At Big Jon Sports, we understand deer. Any time they can get food without working for it, they will. The irresistable aromas in our unique formulas attract them to DEER SMACK!

Developed for wildlife management, our superior formula has everything deer need to reach their full genetic potential. Containing only the highest quality natural ingredients essential for balanced nutrition, our innovative mixture has been shown to help deer maintain a health immune system.

Ingredients: Our proprietary "High Protein" formula contains sea salt, natural minerals and flavors. 100% biodegradable. Contains NO HEAVY METALS. Net wt. 5 lbs./2.27 kg.

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