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The Big Water Manual

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  • In the early years of downrigger fishing, the "Big Water Manual" established itself as a standard for downriggers that were to be fished straight back behind the transom.
  • Loaded with handy features, the Big Water Manual has as standard equipment: a single rod holder mounted to the 20 inch flexible boom, and a Big Jon line release.
  • The large 8 inch reel makes retrieving the cannonball fast and easy.
  • The Band Buster line release is one of the simplest line releases you can find. Also, it is very popular because it signals when a fish strikes, by
    transmitting the action to the rod tip, making the rod tip bounce.
  • Also included with your Big Water Manual: a 4 inch x 4 inch mounting plate, a footage counter, and 200 feet of stainless steel cable.
  • All Big Jon downriggers are given a bright anodized finish that will resist corrosion and add a beauty to your boat that plastic downriggers can not offer. The bright silver finish will make your boat shine.
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