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Side-Liner w/ Offshore Release

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  • Big Jon's 9 inch "Side-Liner" is the only in-line planer with built-in rattles, that will attract fish from a distance. This in-line planer will take your lure out from the sides of your boat.
  • The Side-Line attaches directly to your fishing line, so there is no need for a planer mast. Just place the Side-Liner in the water, let out your line and place your rod in a rod holder.
  • When a fish stikes, the pop-off release lets go of the line and the Side-Liner slides down the line to the stopper. This lets you fight the fish, not the planer.


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1 Review

Zim Apr 29th 2020

Big Jon Side-Liner Planer Boards

My friend turned me on to these years ago and we still use them today, with a few "tweaks". The boards run true and the rattles add another attractant other boards don't offer. We use the Off Shore OR18 snapper releases so they don't pop- free and add a bigger snap swivel for easier removal when I big "Eye" is on..

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