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Single Manual Planer Rigger

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  • Fishing with a pair of Big Jon's Single Manual Planer Riggers mounted on each side of the boat has been a long time favorite of Great Lakes charter captains; for good reason, it is
    constructed from high-strength aluminum! The 1 1/2 inch diameter tubing used for the mast
    has a 1/8th inch wall thickness! You won't find a sturdier mast on the market.
  • The 8 inch reel features an adjustable disc clutch and comes wound with 150 feet of highly visible, 135 pound test tow line per reel. The tow line has been fitted with a swivel clip, ready to attach to your planer.
  • The 72, inch 2 piece planer mast comes complete with a heavy-duty cast aluminum mounting base and a pulleys on a swivel.
  • Fishing with Big Jon's planer riggers allows you to spread your lure presentation over a wide area (up to 150 feet from each side of your boat). That gives you a real advantage when fishing "Boat Shy" game fish.
  • This Big Jon planer mast are given a bright anodized finish that will resist corrosion and add to the beauty of your boat. When you choose Big Jon products, your boat will shine.
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