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Otter In-Line Planer

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  • Big Jon's 8 inch "Otter" is a great asset to have in your tackle box! This in-line planer will take your lure out from the sides of your boat.
  • The Otter attaches directly to your fishing line, so there is no need for a planer mast. Just place the Otter in the water, let out your line and place your rod in a rod holder.
  • When a fish stikes, the pop-off release lets go of the line and the Otter slides down the line to the stopper. This lets you fight the fish, not the planer.


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1 Review

Gene R Spindler Feb 9th 2022

Otter in-line planner

In the description of use you mentioned that "the line snaps off and the Otter slides down to the stopper." What do you use as a stopper so the Otter isn't riding on the fish as you fight it?

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